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Ariel landrum, LMFT, ATR
co-founder, editor-in-chief, photographer, and Invisible Jet Tactical Support

Ariel is the co-founder of People of Con. During the day she works as a therapist, and at night she binge watches the latest series on Netflix. She has a passion for writing, photographer, and taking her dog Blu to as many events as possible. She is currently residing in LA County (that’s the nice way of saying not LA). Her fandoms include anything Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Pokemon Go, and Disney Princesses. Catch her at a convention, Disneyland, or shopping for vintage clothes.

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Alex Moreno, LVN
Co-Founder, Photographer, Videographer, and head of Serenity ship maintenance and repair

Alex is the co-founder of People of Con. As the oldest member of the team, he will often talk about cons of yester-year. He has been attending San Diego Comic-Con since the early 80s! If you don’t run into him walking around LA taking photos of the buildings, you’ll find him collecting patches for the leather jackets he makes, or at a swapmeet buy all things Punisher.


Christopher Edelen, BA
Assistant Editor, Writer, Photographer, and Advocate for the Safe Return of Jonah Heston from the Evil Clutches of Kinga Forrester

Chis is an editor, writer, and photographer for People of Con. His work has been published in Swimming with Elephants Publications and Ripples in Space. He enjoys Anime, Sci-Fi, and healthy debates about dystopian worlds. He takes a yearly dose of Watchmen and Akira for a healthy heart. You can find him reading, writing, reading, writing, and reading. Did we mention he reads and writes?

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stefanie bautista, ma
Writer, Photographer, and Sailor Guardian Public Relations coordinator

Stefanie is a writer, photographer, and forever hungry geeky girl otaku contributor for People of Con. In addition to watching hours of anime, Asian Dramas, and reruns of Sailor Moon (the original) and The Office, she loves exploring and eating her way through Los Angeles. When she isn’t teaching her 4th graders, you can find her on any given day at Disneyland, catching Pokemon across the city, crate digging, or vintage shopping. A true Ravenclaw with a never-ending desire to learn, travel, and document everything, she's your go to girl for anything pop culture!


Billy madden, ba
Writer photographer, AMC A-List champion, and Kratos’ right hand

Billy is in charge of all things movie and video game related within the People of Con universe. When he is not watching movies to review for POC, you will catch him playing his PS4, Xbox, or Switch, losing to people of a younger generation. When he manages to watch TV (in-between movies and gaming) he prefers to catch the latest binge worthy show on Netflix or Hulu. He also loves to play the drums (poorly) and has a massive passion for classic rock. Bruce Springsteen is his idol and he would love to one day meet “The Boss.” Until that day, he will remain dreaming about the encounter in the San Fernando Valley!

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tania escobar
Writer, Photographer, and head of wand repair

Tania is People of Con’s go to for all Halloween conventions, as she is a key member in the community. Her day job is actually working at Olivdaner’s Shop in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and to date she still enjoys it. Find her fan-girling over the sliding teams at a Halloween convention, Disneybounding as a Disney villain, or schooling newbs on the difference between goth and punk.

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travis hayward
Writer and silent bob’s translator

Travis is a writer for People of Con, whose articles range from cinema, pop-up events, and his idol, Kevin Smith. In addition to writing for People of Con, Travis has recently taken up voice-acting classes to hone his craft and hopefully become the next Rob Paulsen. If you ever need to get a hold of him, you’ll know that he is either binge watching Animaniacs, attending a show at the Pantages Theatre, or at one of Kevin Smith’s several live podcasts. Did we mention his idol is Kevin Smith?


tim boyD
Social media manager and super sayian hair stylist

Tim runs and manages all content on the People of Con Facebook page. Living in beautiful Colorado, he spends his time playing video-gaming, watching anime, and listening to emo-punk-goth-rock genres.



Joe is a writer and photographer for People of Con. He spends his days working a Universal Studio manning various sales carts. When he is not at work, he is gaming on his PC, building Metal Earth 3D model kits, or buying the latest, and sometimes oddest, comics at his local comic book shop.

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Jorge Perez, mA
Writer, Photographer, and advocate for the endangered alien race known as mosquitos

Jorge is someone who loves anime, video games, and manga. He and his wife love watching different types of movies while snuggling with their Shiba Inu Ami (named after the wolf in the game Okami). During the day, he is a case manager trying to get into the IT field. When he is not playing video games, he is out there taking photos of nature. Currently residing in Colorado Springs, Jorge loves to attend conventions and witness all the different types of fandoms.


Jason Canhoto, mA
Writer, Photographer, and pokemon gym leader

Jason is currently an educator and writer based in Los Angeles. He loves all things nerd related, such as Dragonball Z. He is an avid collector of Marvel and DC comics and collectibles; no one knows that better than his own bank account. Being a part of the nerd and the LGBTQ+ community has been a wonderful experience for him as he explores the growing influences both groups have in pop culture. You can find Jason in his true form as a cinephile watching movies at any time and day. His current goal is to be the very best Pokemon master that he can be!


Supporting Staff

Chance Calloway, Assistant Editor

Dylan Bloom-Fernandez, Writer

Shannon Pati, Writer

Promise Neeley, Writer

Adam Pawling, Writer

Erin Roland, Writer

Erica Wallance, Writer

Jani McFadden, Photographer

Kelsey Ward, Photographer